The State of Pakistan’s Agriculture Report 2023

A joint policy agenda had been developed by PAC with Pakistan Business Council (PBC), an advocacy forum established by the leading corporate groups in Pakistan. A proposal was submitted by PAC for a collaboration to write papers on six key topics identified and conduct advocacy with PBC. In response, PBC chose to sign an MOU with PAC to conduct advocacy together and engaged PAC Strategy Advisor Mr. Kazim Saeed directly to write these papers.

PAC supported the development of an umbrella paper integrating these policy papers and produced the compendium as a joint output of PAC and PBC. The report is titled The State of Pakistan’s Agriculture Report 2023 and was launched at the PAC Agri-Connections 2023 event.

The six topics covered in the State of Agriculture Report 2023 are:
1. Higher agri growth through technology
2. Water for equitable growth
3. The seed of growth
4. Financing growth in agriculture
5. Mitigating animal disease to support growth
6. Policy priorities for growth in agriculture